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Jack Lowry
Owner / Musician

 One of my earliest discoveries of sound was at the age of seven listening to my mothers vintage all tube Hi-Fi system... as a teen I converted that old Hi-Fi setup into my first guitar amp! And was soon building my own custom made sound systems for local bands.

  With my degree in electronics and FCC license I started Strike Sound. In my over 30 years experience, I have mixed and produced as an engineer, and performed as a musician/singer, at thousands of events.

  I understand and respect the challenges of both occupations and am fully aware of how many things need to come together to make a magical event.

I am truly blessed and thankful for making music my life!


In Memory of Mike Judge RIP 2017
Shop "Boss"
Mike Judge came to Strike Sound in 2007. He brought with him a lifetime of military technical and civilian construction experience. As a navy electrician, he was responsible for repairing and inspecting Sikorsky RH-53D mine sweeping Helicopters. He was also experienced in high voltage work. Mike was on board as the one responsible for all of Strike Sounds maintenance, repair and inspection needs. Strike Sound is grateful to have had a US veteran with a great work ethic and such detail oriented work habits. It was a pleasure having him with us.

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