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Roland SPD SX Sampling Pad

DW Collectors Series Drum set Oyster Glass

DW Collectors Series Drum Set

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Drum Set

Pearl Master Studio Drum Set

Snare Drums

Pearl Masters Maple Drum Set

Pearl All Birch Drum Set

Tama Superstar Series Drum Set

Hand Percussion

LP Classic Series 2 Quinto & Conga

LP Classic Series Tumbadora, Conga & Quinto

LP Caliente Timbalito

LP Matador Timbale

Remo & Ghana Djembe

Remo & Egyptian Doumbek

LP Matador Bongos

AA Cajon


Drum Shield, Clear Acrylic

Snare Drums , Cymbals , Drum Pedals and Stands
Percussion Toys


Sabian- AAX O-Zone 18"
Sabian- AAX Xplosion 18"
Zildjian-  A Custom 18"
Zildjian-  A Custom 16"
Zildjian-  A Custom 15"
Zildjian-  A Custom 14"
Zildjian-  A Custom Projection Crash 17"
Zildjian-  A Custom Projection Crash 16"
Zildjian- Rock Crash 18"
Zildjian- Symphonic French 16"
Zildjian- Vintage 18"
Zildjian- Vintage 18"
Zildjian- K Dark Medium Thin Crash 16"
Zildjian- A Medium 16" 
Paiste- pst5 Medium 16"     

Sabian- AAX X-Treme Chinese 17"
Sabian- AAX X-Treme Chinese 15"
Sabian- AAX 18"
Sabian- pro Chinese 18"
Zildjian- China High Boy 20"
Zildjian- Swish 20"
Zildjian- Pang 18"
Wuhan- China 12"

Hi Hats
Sabian-AXX X-Celerator 13"
Zildjian- New Beats 15"
Zildjian- New Beats 13"
Zildjian- K Master Sound 14"
Zildjian- A Quick Beat 14"
Zildjian- Dyno Beat 13"   
Zildjian- A custom 13”

Sabian- AAX 10"
Sabian- AAX 8"
Sabian- 10"
Zildjian- Armond 10"
Zildjian-  A Custom 8"
Wuhan- 12"
Paiste 10"

Sabian- B 8 20"
Zildjian- Mega Bell Ride 21"
Zildjian- K Custom 20"
Zildjian- A Custom Ping Ride 22"
Zildjian- Vintage Flat Top 20"
Zildjian- A Medium 20"
Paiste 404 20"
Paiste 2002 Power Ride 22"


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