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Fashion Show DJ Sound VIDEO + Lights FX

Audience size - 100+

Lighting director, video technician, 3 assistants for set up, pack up.
2 x 12' x 9' rear projection screens with dress kits
2 x 7500 lumen Panasonic projectors
video sizer
4 x video cables
Hdmi to SCI adapters
2 x 11' tall adjustable  projector stands

20 x Led brick up lights on runway deck
4 x led elation up lights ( foam boards up lights)
40' rear truss on 2 x 16' stands for backdrop
40' x 16' black fire rated back drop
60' x 24' x 60' U shaped truss on  on six 2 x 16' stand set up over runway
20' truss on 2 x 16' stands set up 25' from end of runway

4 x elation 5r moving heads Beams on U truss
10 x elation 5r moving heads Spots on on U truss and end truss
16 high power Elation 6PAR led on  U truss
show designer 2  controller
dmx splitter
DMX cable package
2 x hazers
3 phase power distro
gaff tape power cables


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