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Small Room

Audience size - 100+

Smaller sound system great for events with 25-500 audience

Up to 1000 if a mellow crowd.

16 channel digital mixer Yamaha LS9
100’ snake cable to stage
8' x 8' tent to cover mixer if needed
3 x CROWN XTI amplifiers
CD /USB player
13 x microphones  w/ stands and  cables                                              1 x wireless Shure handheld microphone                                                                                     
ipod /AUX cable
5 x direct boxes for keyboard / guitar hookup
Four extension cords
2 x  speaker  poles                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Four JBL  SRX712m monitor speakers
Four JBLSRX712 main speakers on stands  
2 x subwoofers with single 18" speaker
Eight speaker cables  
50' cable matt  if needed 
Gaff tape    


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