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Club / Event Room

Audience size - 100-500

Club / Event Room

This is a simple and cost effective system that works well for most smaller events.
It only requires one Strike Sound technician to deliver, setup and operate.
audience size- 50 to 500 people
Staff- One technician to set up and operate.

16 channel Yamaha ls9 mixer
3 Crown XTI  amplifiers
CD/mp3/usb player
4 DI boxes
12 x Shure SM58, SM87, B 52, Seinheiser 604  mics
12 x  mic stands and  cables One boom stand
2 jbl speakers on stands
4 jbl 12" monitor speakers 
Two  subwoofers each w/18" speakers                                                                                 
8 speaker cables
100 foot snake

8 x Elation SixPar 200 RGBAW+UV LED stage lights
2 x 11' crank up light stands
Elation DMX controller
DMX and power cables
Haze machine

we have a large selection of instruments and stage amps available on request.

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