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Outdoor Festival

Audience size - 500-5000

Outdoor Event
Audience size - 500 to 5000
This event example is for an outdoor festival, and includes delivery,
setup/takedown and operation by Strike sound crew.

YAMAHA M7 48 ch. mixing board,
CD/mp3/usb player
12 x  Crown IT 12000,  amplifiers.
22 Microphones with stands and  cables,
Four Shure wireless mics,
 6  x direct boxes
150 foot snake.
130,000 watts line array sound system
12 x large formate line array speakers JBL VTX  V20 or TCS
8 x subwoofers, each with 3 x 18" speakers

Stage monitor system
YAMAHA M7cl  monitor mixing board with snake split
7 x Biamp Wedge monitors
1 x drum monitor with 18” & 15" JBL speakers and horn
6 x  CROWN XTI amps
100' power distro cable

70,000 Watt Generator

16 x HIGH POWER LED Elation waterproof rated 6PAR stage lights
DMX cables

5 piece Tama drum set complete with hardware and cymbals
Roland JC120 guitar amp
Fender DeVille guitar amp
GK bass combo amp
we have a large selection of instruments and stage amps available on request.

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